Merger News

Important Information on Banking System Conversion

We are excited to advise that we are now in the final stages of merging our banking systems. On January 31st 2018, the previous Limestone Credit Union banking system will begin to migrate to the new Comtech Fire system. We expect the transition period will last approximately 14 hours, the new system coming on line at approximately 9:00 AM on February 1st 2018.

During this overnight period, you will not have access on line banking.

You will need your new account number (which will be sent to you in a mailing) to access online banking on our new website on February 1st, 2018. The new banking system we are moving to will greatly improve our ability to serve your banking needs going forward, but more on that later.

Anytime after 9:00 AM on February 1st, you will need to reset your online banking by performing the following instructions:

  1. Delete all former browser bookmarks.
  2. The new online banking URL (web site) is Enter the new URL and bookmark it. You can either do this from your mobile device or from your computer.
  3. Locate the online banking area on the page.
  4. Under “Member Number”, enter the account number that you will or have received in the mailing. It is your new account identification number.
  5. Under “Password”, enter the word “Lime” and the last four digits of your SIN (Social Insurance Number).
  6. You will be redirected to the new online banking page, where you will be prompted to change your password (PAC). PAC's can be 8 characters, alpha numeric, and non-case sensitive. It is a good idea for security reasons to change your password frequently.
  7. You are now ready to use your new on line banking system. Your history and record of payees should all be there, just like before.

THE BAD NEWS (Not a lot, but some…)

  1. E Transfers. You will lose all recipients, profile and history upon conversion. Please reset your recipients and profile post conversion. Also to avoid orphaned e-transfers, you will not be able to send e transfers on the existing system approximately one week prior to the conversion date (January 31st 2018). During this period, you can contact us at the Princess Street or Amherstview Branches for alternatives.
  2. Interac Online Payment. This feature is not currently available, and unfortunately will be lost to you. We are looking to introduce the feature at a later date, post conversion.

Well that wasn’t so bad, but where there is bad news, there is also…. GOOD NEWS


  1. Online Banking - E Documents. You will receive documentation (e.g. T5s, RSP Tax Receipts) securely and conveniently through your online banking e-Documents.
  2. Member Direct Small Business Banking. If you are a small business owner, you will have a new, comprehensive online and mobile banking platform that can significantly simplify your business banking and add efficiencies with better record keeping.
  3. Online Banking – Me-To-Me Transfers. When you log into online banking, you will be able to transfer to and from your other bank or credit union accounts to your Comtech Fire account.
  4. Mobile App/Deposit Anywhere. With Deposit Anywhere, our members will have the convenience to deposit their cheques on the go, anywhere, anytime – another great feature that expands Comtech Fire’s digital banking services. You will also now be able to download Comtech Fire’s Mobile Apps (you will need the mobile banking app for Deposit Anywhere), making banking on the go simpler than ever. Simply go to the App Store and download the Comtech Fire Mobile Banking App, and away you go! Depositing a cheque is as simple as taking a photo with your mobile phone!
  5. Member Cards/Banking History/Payees. Your existing Member Card will still work with the new banking system and your banking records will all be transferred to the new system.
  6. In-Branch service at the Toronto King Street and Avenue Road branches; and the Ottawa Bank Street branch will be available to you after conversion.
  7. Online Banking Alerts. You will be able to set up various banking Alerts and register for mobile Alerts when you log into online banking.

This conversion allows us to offer significantly enhanced services to you going forward. We will be providing regular updates on the Limestone CU web site (, and through direct mail, so please check in periodically on the web site for progress updates on the conversion.

We’re working hard to ensure a smooth transition experience, however should you encounter any issues, or have any questions we are here for you. If you need our assistance, please contact Kingston Branch at 613-548-4094 or Amherstview Branch at 613-634-3875

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience this conversion may cause you. We appreciate your business with us and your continued support as we move into the future together.

Limestone Credit Union Banking System Conversion-FAQ's

  • Q-Why are you changing to a different banking system?
    • A- After our amalgamation in July, 2017, a review of our two banking systems was undertaken and a decision was made to move from the banking system used at Limestone Credit Union to the banking system used by Comtech Fire Credit Union.
  • Q- Why am I not able to access my account through online banking or complete an e-transfer for a period during the morning hours of February 1st, 2018?
    • A- We are sorry for this inconvenience but unfortunately we require this window of time to complete our banking conversion.
  • Q-Why did my account number have to change?
    • A- Your account number needed to change as there was an overlap/duplication in account numbers between the members of Limestone Credit Union and Comtech Fire Credit Union. As well, by starting all of the new account numbers from 700,000 we are able to easily identify existing Limestone Credit Union members on the new banking system.
  • Q-What if I forget my new account number?
    • A- Don’t worry, if you forget your new account number, the staff at CFCU can look up your account information in a number of different ways. We can search by your old account number, by name, by SIN# and more.
  • Q-Do I need to let anyone know that my account/member number has changed? eg. CRA, employer, pre-authorized debits/credits etc.
    • A- You do NOT need to let anyone know that your account number has changed. Your transactions will proceed without interruption.
  • Q-Will my net pay deposit/payroll deduction/pension be deposited to my account without interruption?
    • A- There is no need to worry, your direct deposits will proceed without interruption.
  • Q- I use the Me to Me linked bank account service. Do I need to let my other financial institution know that my account number has changed?
    • A- No, you do not need to make any changes to your Me to Me linked bank account service. This service will continue without interruption
  • Q- Why were my e-transfer profiles lost/deleted during the banking system conversion?
    • A- Unfortunately, we were unable to retain your e-transfer profiles when we completed the banking system conversion. You will need to re-set these profiles before sending any new e-transfers. We apologize for this inconvenience.
  • Q - Do I need to order new cheques or can I use my existing cheque order?
    • A- Your existing cheque order can be used without any interruption. But, when it’s time for a new order of cheques, please contact your branch so we can ensure they are ordered with your new account number and details.
  • Q- Will my existing ATM/Member Card still work or do I need to get a new card?
    • A- There is no need to worry, your existing ATM/Member Card will work as usual after the conversion is completed on February 1st.
  • Q-Can I use the Comtech Fire Credit Union ATM machines located at the other branch locations?
    • A- Your ATM/Member Card will work at the Comtech Fire Credit Union ATM machines as they are all part of your Credit Union and part of The Exchange Network. Your ATM/Member Card will also continue to work on all other networks as outlined on the back of your card. Eg. Interac, The Exchange Network, Cirrus, Accel)
  • Q-Will this banking system change have any effect on my investments and interest rates?
    • A- There will not be any negative effects to your investments or interest rates. You may notice some changes on your statement with regards to how the statement is laid out or how it appears but your investment amounts, interest rates, maturity dates etc. will remain the same.
  • Q-Will this banking system change have any effect on my loan/LOC or mortgages?
    • A- There will not be any negative effects to your loan/mortgage/Line of credit etc. You may notice some changes on your statement with regards to how the statement is laid out or how it appears but your loan/mortgage/Line of credit details will remain the same.
  • Q-Will the paper or e-statements be changing/look different?
    • A- You will notice that statements created after February 1st, 2018 will look different than what you are used to but if you have any questions or concerns, your Credit Union staff are available to assist you with any questions you may have.
  • Q-Can I still call directly to the branches and speak with staff members that I know?
    • A- We now offer a Call Centre with extended hours (below) but during regular business hours you may still contact and speak with any staff that you feel most comfortable to communicate with.
    • Princess Street Branch: 613-548-4094
    • Amherstview Branch: 613-634-3875
    • Comtech Fire Call Centre -1-800-209-7444 Press 1
    • Monday 9am-4:30pm
    • Tuesday 9am-4:30pm
    • Wednesday 9am-4:30pm
    • Thursday 9am-8pm
    • Friday 9am-8pm
    • Saturday 9am-2pm
    • Sunday Closed
  • Q-Why do I need to go to a new credit union website for online banking? I had this book marked on my computer for convenience.
    • A- Our website URL has changed to accommodate the banking system conversion. Our new website is Please remove any bookmarks to the old website and update to our new website.
  • Q- I have forgotten my ATM Personal Identification Number (PIN). What are my options?
    • A- Visit one of our branches with TWO pieces of valid identification (one must be Government issued photo ID) and they can either assist you with re-pinning the ATM card or can issue you a new ATM card and PIN number. Or contact us directly and we can arrange to order and mail you a NEW ATM card and PIN number. Please note that this option will take a couple of weeks to be received.
  • Q-How do I download the NEW mobile application for online banking?
  • Q-How does Deposit Anywhere work and what do I need to do to be able to use this new service?
    • A- Please visit the Home Page of our website and you will find a video demonstration of this service or call one of our branches or the Call Centre and they can assist you.
  • Q-Can I use other branches of Comtech Fire Credit Union? if so, are there any restrictions?
    • A- You can utilize any of the seven branches of Comtech Fire Credit Union after conversion on February 1st, 2018. There are certain restrictions on the Mississauga Creekside Branch which is located beyond security at the Bell Canada offices. Members can access this branch by appointment made directly with the Branch who will arrange admittance with security. ATMs located at Bell Canada facilities are not available to members who do not have security clearance at the buildings where they are located.
  • Q-Can I use the Call Centre number during or after hours?
    • A- After February 1st, 2018 you may use the Call Centre should you have any questions relating to your account or should you have any other inquiries of a financial nature. Our Call Centre staff will always do their best to assist you.

Comtech Fire Credit Union
January 31st, 2018