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Your Credit Union has partnered with Car Choice Canada to provide you with an easy and confident way to buy a new or used car. Let Bruce Lloyd at Car Choice Canada pre-negotiate the best deal on your behalf for any make or model.  You could save thousands of dollars.

He works for you and will help you decide on the right car for your needs, lifestyle and budget. Then he’ll shop your business around to more than 30 of the most reputable franchise auto dealers in the Greater Toronto Area so you'll get the best deal.

There are no high-pressure sales tactics, no hidden charges and no surprises. Just the right car at the right price for one low service fee of $100, exclusive only to Comtech Fire Credit Union members.  Sometimes it’s a smart move; spending a little to save a lot.

With Car Choice Canada's "New Car Buying Service" you get a pre-negotiated price on your selected new car or truck plus all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

This includes:
  • Your final drive-away price, including freight and PDI.
  • Dealer invoice price and profit margins.
  • All applicable rebates and cash-back offers.
  • Manufacturer's applicable financing offers.
  • The value of your trade-in

With Car Choice Canada's "Used Car Buying Service" you get a pre-negotiated price on a selected car or truck from a reputable franchise dealer in the GTA.

This includes:
  • The official book value of the selected vehicle.
  • The dealer's posted asking price.
  • The actual selling price of the vehicle based on a fair market value.

When you accept the offer, Car Choice Canada will send you contact information for the dealership's Sales Manager so you can arrange a day and time to take delivery. It really is that smart and that easy.

Bruce Lloyd

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