Car Loans

Get a Comtech Fire Smart Car Loan and SAVE!

Cash is king

With most North American car manufacturers pulling out of the leasing business, the days of easy leasing are long gone. But cash is still king at the car dealership and you can negotiate a very affordable price on some popular models – if you have money in your pocket.

Take the first step to a great deal

Start by arranging a Smart Car Loan at Comtech Fire – it’s fast and easy. We’re offering fixed and variable loans at unbeatable rates, with flexible repayment options. You won’t find a better deal anywhere!

Once you have the funds pre-approved, head to your favourite car dealership and start wheeling and dealing with confidence. Many dealerships offer terrific “deal sweeteners”, including generous cash incentives and upgrades, when they know you’re paying with cash. The fact that you borrowed the money from Comtech Fire makes no difference to the dealership and you get the benefit of a loan that fits your budget.

By choosing the right car and negotiating from a position of strength, you keep your borrowing costs low. Talk to a Comtech Fire financial advisor today and get the car you really want – at a price you can afford!