Term Deposits

Plan for your future with a low-risk, high-return term deposit

When the air gets chilly and the trees drop their leaves, you can’t help but notice the scampering squirrels, busily gathering food for the winter. Squirrels are industrious savers, tucking away thousands of nuts, acorns and pine cones every year. In fact, if there was a Savings Hall of Fame, squirrels would have a place of honour! Squirrels know how to plan for the future.

When it comes to savings, we could all learn a thing or two from these diligent animals. Putting a little money away on a regular basis is a great way to save for all of your financial goals. Whether you’re dreaming of something special – like a car, new house or exotic vacation – or you simply want a financial buffer for emergencies, it pays to plan ahead.

Term deposits – a safe, secure investment

One of the best ways to reach your financial targets is to “squirrel” away your savings in a term deposit. A term deposit is a low-risk investment with an excellent rate of return. You’ll earn higher interest than a regular savings account and your rate is fully guaranteed for the length of the term. Comtech Fire offers terms from 1 month to 5 years, so you can choose the option that suits your savings goals.

Term deposits are very safe and stable investments, with none of the risk of stocks or real estate. They are an important part of a diversified investment portfolio and offer you the best of both worlds – flexibility and security.  All term deposits are eligible for registered savings plans and will earn steady income for you as part of your RRSP, RRIF, RESP or TFSA.

If you’re planning to gather a financial “nut” for the future, come to Comtech Fire. We offer some of the highest interest rates available. If your money is earning less at another financial institution – take SmartSteps and switch to Comtech Fire today!

Seriously green!

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