Green Term Deposits

A growing concern about the environment and its effect on climate change is influencing business to make changes and create strategies to improve their community. Credit Unions today are aligning with other businesses that share the same philosophy, reinforcing our co-operative values. As part of our commitment to being a socially responsible organization, we are proud to introduce our first green initiative product to our membership that will help us reduce our environmental footprint.

Members who choose to invest in a Green Term Deposit will earn a guaranteed competitive interest rate just slightly below our most competitive rate on a 1 year term deposit. The net difference will be donated to support environmental initiatives.  While members will not receive a tax receipt for their contribution; the Credit Union will be donating this difference on their behalf to projects that improve our local communities.


  • Guaranteed competitive interest rates, higher than a savings account
  • Difference between Green Term and 1 year term deposit rates donated to community improvement projects


  • Eligible for registered plan investments
  • Several term options available to fit your needs