Life Saver High Interest Savings Account

The Life Saver High Interest Savings Account is a safe, secure way to grow your investments – without the risk of unexpected losses. You’ll get above-average returns everyday and your money is always available when you need it. With the added convenience of payroll deductions, your savings will grow even faster. This account has been set up with long term savings in mind and is not meant to be used as an everyday account. The Life Saver High Interest Savings Account has one free withdrawal per month and additional withdrawals will result in a $5 service fee. This fee is meant to be a deterrent when it comes to withdrawing funds for impulse buying and makes you think twice about the amount of money you may need to withdraw from your savings account within a given month. If you're looking for a Savings account that's out of sight and mind, grows your savings faster with above average returns and helps keep you focused on your savings goals - invest in a Life Saver Account now.



  • Funds available when you need it

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