Special Campaign Rates

Term Deposits / GICs / RRSPs / RRIFs / TFSAs (Min. $5000 new deposits) (Rates effective 2024-06-07) Rates
1 Year 2.10%
2 Years 2.60%
3 Years 2.85%
4 Years 3.00%
5 Years 3.20%
5 Year Step-It-Up Term Deposit* (Rates effective 2022-09-16) Rates
1st Year 2.10%
2nd Year 2.60%
3rd Year 3.50%
4th Year 4.00%
5th Year 4.50%
Mortgage Campaign (Rates effective 2024-06-07) Rates
5 Year Variable Closed *** 7.25%
1 Year Closed 7.04%
2 Year Closed 6.39%
3 Year Closed 5.49%
4 Year Closed 6.29%
5 Year Closed 6.19%

Rates subject to change. 
*Option to cash in or make a partial withdrawal on the anniversary date each year applies to non-registered terms only.

***O.A.C Rates are subject to change without notice. Quoted rate is based on blended payments of principal and interest and is the regulatory Annual Percentage Rate if there is no cost of borrowing other than interest. Interest is calculated half-yearly, not in advance.

Additional premiums may apply in cases of a refinance, extended amortizations, non-owner occupied, or other instances where application details may warrant it. The interest rate with variable rate mortgages will fluctuate with Comtech Fire Credit Union Prime Rate, which is currently 7.20%.