Member Direct Increased Authentication

Increased Authentication

Comtech Fire Credit Union wants you to have confidence and trust in online banking, that’s why we have added Increased Authentication. Increased Authentication enhances the security of the MemberDirect® online banking environment by adding a challenge question and answer during the login stage.  The potential for online fraud is greatly reduced by this feature.  To ensure your financial information is protected and secure, Increased Authentication activates every time you log in to online banking.

Key benefits

  • Multiple login layers enhance member security
  • Enhanced security relies on member-selected questions and answers
  • Access to online banking automatically locks after a series of incorrect login attempts

Do I have to register for Increased Authentication?

In order to ensure the integrity and safety of our online banking service, all members who use online banking must register for Increased Authentication.

Signing up for Increased Authentication only takes a few minutes

It’s simple to set up. Simply choose three questions from our bank of questions and provide an answer to the questions you choose – you will need to remember these answers

About Increased Authentication

Increased Authentication provides an additional layer of security to the online banking login process. This feature requires you to select three security questions and provide answers for each.

Once registered, when you log into online banking you may need to answer one of your three questions for security purposes.

Questions & Answers

  1. What is increased authentication?

    Increased authentication improves the safety of the online banking environment by adding challenge questions and answers at login. These questions increase the protection of online banking against ‘phishing’ and other fraudulent behavior.

    You are asked to set up three challenge questions from a list that you will be presented with during the registration process.

  2. How does increase authentication work to protect me?

    When you log in, the login page may display one of the three selected challenge questions that you chose at the time of the registration. The challenge question appears based on a number of Comtech Fire security policy parameters (e.g. logging in from a location that you would not normally login from). Answering the question correctly will indicate to Comtech Fire that the login is genuine and you will be allowed to continue into your online banking account.

  3. What if I forget my challenge question answers?

    When you do not answer the challenge questions correctly, after three attempts you will be locked out of your account and will need to contact our Member Support Centre at 416.598.1197 or 1.800.209.7444 (press 1) for asistance.

  4. Can I update my challenge questions?

    Once logged in, you can select different challenge questions from the list provided and you can also update your challenge answers as required.

  5. Will I get notified if someone tries to login to my account?

    You can set up an email and/or text alert that will notify you if your account has been locked due to maximum number of failed attempts to answer your challenge question.

  6. Can I create my own challenge questions?

    No, you must select your challenge questions from the list provided.

  7. Any other questions?

    If you have any questions regarding the increased authentication service or its procedures, please call our Member Support Centre toll free at 416.598.1197 or 1.800.209.7444 press 1.