Preferred Rate Car Loans

Your Credit Union offers a number of advantages --- primarily some of the best car loan rates around for vehicles two years or newer. Comtech Fire offers flexible payback options and fast approvals. With our fixed rate option, your payments stay consistent and with our variable rate option payments fluctuate based on Credit Union prime. Car dealer incentives aren't always as good as they look and financing through your Credit Union could save you money. When a dealership offers you 0% financing, the actual interest rate can be as high as 10%.

A dealer loan is not in your best interest if:

  • You have to forgo the dealer or factory rebates
  • Your choice is limited to certain models or model years
  • You have to pay the full sticker price


  • Fixed and variable rates available
  • 100% financing for up to 60 months, with exceptions made on some  vehicles of up to 84 months
  • No penalty for early payback or making extra payments
  • Credit Life and Accident & Sickness Insurance available


  • Very competitive lending rates
  • Flexible payback options
  • Payroll deduction makes repayment convenient
  • Easy application and quick approvals
  • Pre-approved vehicle loan increases bargaining power