Statement Update

Member FAQ

I just got my May statement, where are my April and March statements?

All three statement runs were mailed together on June 21st/2017. You should be receiving all three of them in the mail shortly.

I don’t see any months prior to March?

At present we are only offering statements that have been produced for May/April/June.  In the coming month we will be loading all of the past statements into internet banking.  You can request a past statement and we can manually retrieve it for you.

When will the semi-annual statements be produced?

The next run of statements barring any unforeseen issues will be available July 24th/2017.

Will I be charged for the delayed mailed statements?

Members will not be charged the statement fee for March/April and May.  We encourage all members to move to electronic statements if they wish to avoid a statement charge in future mailing periods.

Why am I seeing a statement with a zero dollar share?

The new system requires a share product for all members who open an account with Comtech Fire; as a result a share had to be opened to facilitate this.  These accounts will be closed in the coming months.

What was my old account number?

Your former account number is captured on your statements in the middle section of the first page.

Where do I find my e- statements?

Upon logging into internet banking, E-statements are displayed by clicking on the

[My Accounts] ->[View e-statements]

My business account name is all jumbled? What are you doing about this, I use these statements for reporting purposes?

We have had a small number of business accounts affected by this issue.  A correction is in the works and you should see all items correctly posted in the June Statement

My statement is addressed to a number of holders, why is this?

Every joint holder relationship is entitled to a separate statement, in the coming months we will be working at improving some of the joint relationships to make the statements more user friendly.

My contract totals do not match the total of my contract products?

Unfortunately, our statement programming picks up the current balance of contract totals and not the totals at the end of the period.  We are working at correcting this in our next statement run.

Why is the holder name and/or spousal name on my contract not displayed on my statement?

Holder name and spousal holders are not currently available on statements.  Comtech Fire is looking to add these details on a statement redesign later this year.

What were my old contract numbers for RIF/RSP and TFSA?

Comtech Fire will be sending out a notification statement in July that outlines the references between the old contract numbers and the new.  In the meantime we can look them up for you.

Why did I receive one statement on one name and another with other names added?

This is the result of the fact that not all of your products are joined with the same holders.  If all of your products are to be under the same set of names please highlight that to us and we will correct this for the next statement run.

I am a joint holder on an account, why is the statement not available on my internet banking login?

Previously this was a feature that was not offered to Comtech members.  In the coming weeks we will be adding joint statements to the joint holder profiles. We will keep you informed of when that occurs.